3 Lessons Learned From My Five Club Breakthrough

Here are three things I learned through practicing for and achieving my five club goal:

1.Step back to move forward. My usual five club practice routine would go something like this: Get clubs out, psyche myself up, throw five clubs in the air, catch a few, drop all of them, get frustrated, go in and watch TV. But recently I decided to take a step back and work on my 4 club juggling. I’ve had a decent triple, single pattern with four but have not been able to keep a steady 2 in each hand, double flip, off sync pattern. This proved more difficult than I would have thought, but practicing in the land of double flips trained my arms nicely for the flips I’d need to nail 5 clubs.

2.Don’t forget to breathe! I think Mr. Miyagi said it best when teaching Daniel how to paint the fence. “Don’t forget to breathe; breathing very important.” Do you ever hold your breath while learning a strenuous new trick? I do. All the time! I don’t know why, but I do. I realized though, that when I was really in my groove, my best, steadiest, 5 club patterns came when I was taking calm steady breaths.

3.No pain; no gain. Maybe I’m just not hard core enough but I rarely get injuries from juggling. When I practiced for a couple of hours and finally achieved my goal, however, I got a pretty nasty blister. We’re talking an, oozing, bleeding, make my wife screech in horror, kind of blister. I guess if you really want something, you have to be willing to go through pain to get it.

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