A Few Questions For the Jugglng Subculture

Why aren’t there any jugglers headlining in Vegas?

Why don’t average people know the name of any professional jugglers?

Why hasn’t there ever been a feature film about a juggler?

Why hasn’t a juggler ever won America’s Got Talent?

Why are there only a handful of juggling blogs and most of them rarely updated?

Why is a cruise ship job, the highest gig many jugglers aspire to?

The juggling subculture has a ton of talented, entertaining, hard-working, skilled performers; why don’t normal people know who they are?

What are we going to do about it?

3 Replies to “A Few Questions For the Jugglng Subculture”

  1. Hey!
    I am pretty shure, that jugglers themself are guilty for all this. Many of them are closing behind the doors, many of them are closing behind some cultural centre and many of them are in some barely legal subculture.
    I am trying to make juggling popular in Slovenia, but it is a hard work. They all like to see how do you juggle. People always love to see juggling, but they dont wanna come to some juggling events. We need to open widely and then maybe will something change. I am trying to do it in Slovenia and so far I am happy with results…

  2. I was just in Vegas and caught a show. The juggler was the quick act while the dancing girls changed costumes, and he was great. Do you think that a juggling act could continue to be engaging for a full length show?

    Jugglers aren’t taken seriously. It’s the clowns fault.

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