Historical Juggling Props – An Online Museum

The Historical Juggling Props museum began when David Cain got his hands on a set of Van Wyck clubs. This re-ignited an old dream of his to build a collection of juggling props with historic value that could be displayed as an exhibit at conventions and festivals.



Since then David has realized his dream by putting together a formidable collection of “innovative and rare clubs,” “vintage mass marketed props,” “world record props,” and collections from classic performers. Some of our favorite items in the collection are the various Van Wyck clubs, the collection of Francis Brunn props, and the club “broken in anger” by Jason Garfield.




This museum is a great treasure for the Juggling Subculture. We appreciate David’s hard work in collecting, cultivating and displaying the props that tell the story of juggling history.


Daniel Rosen on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson

We recently came across this video of Daniel Rosen from one of his many performances on The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. It is a short routine but Daniel does a good job of creating a character and presenting a well put-together presentation of a few classic skills.

Here is another performance of Daniel’s  on The Tonight Show from the same era. If you watch closely I think you can see him grab the fire end of his torch! He plays it off pretty well. The audience doesn’t seem to notice at all.

Training for a Juggling Triathlon

Joe Salter likes to challenge himself. Recently this means joggling a marathon backwards. Before that it was juggling his way through a triathlon. That’s right–running, swimming, and biking while Juggling!

We enjoyed this video of him training for his triathlon. It is fun to see him working through the specific challenges he’ll face in the race like running into the water and switching to swimming and juggling (swuggling? Is this a thing?).

Apparently Joe is also writing a children’s’ book about juggling! We’re excited to see what he comes up with next.

A Juggling Shirt That Says it For Us

We wanted to take a moment to thank Dubé for making a shirt that will save jugglers countless hours of trying to make non-jugglers understand our terminology.


It isn’t a “pin” people! That’s for bowling! We juggle clubs!

The Evolution of Juggling: Jay Gilligan at TedxHelsinki

We always knew that the guys at RenegadesignLab were doing something awesome.

But we never really new what it was or why exactly they were doing it.

Then we watched Jay Gilligan’s talk at TedxHelsinki.

We highly recommend anyone who has ever juggled a ball, a ring, or a club take the 26 minutes to watch this video.

Here is the link:

Jay smartly questions how the shapes and sizes of classic juggling props became universally accepted. “Why is this ring like this? Why is it this shape, this thickness, this weight, this material?”

The answers lead to profound and challenging conclusions about the limitless possibilities of the design of juggling props and their interpretive manipulation. From there he and his friends took a giant step through the looking glass and found unexpected creatures on the  other side. Props like a club with a hole through the middle; two rings melded together like a figure 8; clubs with flat tops; clubs with scooped out tops; ring like things that are square or triangular instead of round; long sticks with hooks on one side. . .  and you can tell that this is only the beginning.


After watching Jay’s talk the world of juggling just seems bigger and more beautiful to us–and makes us want to get a saw and a hot glue gun and see what we can come up with!


Know Your Audience

Every audience is different. As a performer you need to figure out the uniqueness of your audience, meet them where they are, and from there take them with you on a journey of discovery and entertainment.

Here’s what that looks like when your audience is a 15-month-old:

Our hats off to the unnamed juggler who isn’t above juggling for a “smaller” audience!

Juggling With John – Local News Love For an Indiana Juggler

It’s always nice to see a community recognize and appreciate its jugglers! Here is a small town news video about John and his passion for fire juggling.

Fox 28: South Bend, Elkhart IN News, Weather, Sports

Three things we like about this video:

  1. The awesome “Juggling with John” hoodie. Looks like comfy-cozy way to advertise the biz!
  2. The unnamed cohorts. They’re definitely in it to win it, and they’re juggling fire too! You may not have gotten any shout-outs, but we see you back there fellas!
  3. The reminder of how fun it was to learn to juggle fire . . . And how much it freaked out our parents! We remember being in the backyard, dad poised with a trickling garden hose and mom barking safety reminders, looking through a window from inside the kitchen. What a rush. Your parents’ reaction is confirmation that the people on the street are going to love it!

Gratuitous Pig Juggling On The Simpsons

Leave it to The Simpsons to include a completely random pig juggling scene in the middle of an episode! Here it is in case you missed it:

We’re hoping no cartoon pigs were harmed during the filming of this episode!