Wes Peden Answers Questions

Even if you didn’t shell out the $10 to buy Wes Peden’s Expectations, you’ll enjoy watching him answer questions about the creative process he went through to create the video. The inisight is priceless; especially for all of us hoping to make creative juggling videos ourselves.

Watch the questions and answer video here.

(You can see Wes’ influence popping up all over the juggling subculture. Tony Pezzo’s latest video–although showing off Tony’s individual style–seems to have some Wes Peden qualities to it. Chick out Tony’s video here.)

Chuck Norris Juggling Facts

If only Chuck Norris juggled!

In the spirit of chucknorrisfacts.com, David Cain started a funny post on the rec.juggling forum with these Chuck Norris juggling facts:

Chuck Norris won the 1983 IJA Numbers Championships Clubs Division by
flashing 3 balls.

Chuck Norris can force bounce 5 cigar boxes.

Chuck Norris attended the first WJF convention dressed as a barefoot
clown and did nothing but poi, using the shrunken heads of two enemies
for the balls. Jason Garfield never said a word.

There are no invalid siteswaps for Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris flashed 13 rings. Albert Lucas was hiding under the
bleachers and video taped it. He then digitally replaced Chuck’s head
with his own. This explains why we’ve never seen it publically.

Chuck Norris created a wormhole through time by rubbing a balloon on
his beard. He then traveled back 4,000 years to Egypt and taught the
women he met how to juggle. Chuck invented juggling.

Why did Rastelli die so early? Chuck Norris.

Chuck Norris accidentally invented 5 club backcrosses. His clubs were
so afraid of him that they naturally went behind him in hopes that
Chuck wouldn’t see them and roundhouse kick them.

Juggling Kung Fu Master – Chuck’s idea

To see the other Chuck Norris juggling facts that people came up with visit rec.juggling.

A Modern Juggling Film by Wes Peden

Ever since his video Marshmallow rocked the juggling subculture, and ever since he issued his challenge to “do something different!“, we’ve been wondering what Wes Peden was up to.

Turns out it was his newest movie, Expectations, available for purchase and download at www.wespeden.com.

In this short film, Peden offers a series of creative, well edited juggling vignettes showing off his unique style of interpreting classic juggling skills with a modern artful twist. A great soundtrack and some interesting locations add to the overall entertainment of the film.

We’re hoping this is the first of many similar films by Peden and others who have been inspired by what he is doing.

Here’s the trailer for Expectations:

Here’s an endorsement from one of Wes Peden’s buddies:

Booty Juggler

Enjoy this online game for the juggling subculture! Help this octo-pirate catch and throw bombs before they explode.

Knives, guns, kegs, and bombs . . . a lot of street performers would kill for a finale like that!