Training for a Juggling Triathlon

Joe Salter likes to challenge himself. Recently this means joggling a marathon backwards. Before that it was juggling his way through a triathlon. That’s right–running, swimming, and biking while Juggling!

We enjoyed this video of him training for his triathlon. It is fun to see him working through the specific challenges he’ll face in the race like running into the water and switching to swimming and juggling (swuggling? Is this a thing?).

Apparently Joe is also writing a children’s’ book about juggling! We’re excited to see what he comes up with next.

Joggler Get’s 3rd Place In Atlanta 5k

For all of the nay-sayers out there who think joggling is merely a silly stunt or a cute hobby—-we introduce you to Bob Evans.

Bob finished last weekend’s CabbageTown Romp & Stomp 5k in 17:17. He averaged a 5:35 pace and earned 3rd place overall. And he juggled the whole way!

In an interview with ThePostGame the 4th place finisher, Barry McGraw, had this to say:

My plan was to sit on him, let him do all the work, and out-kick him at the end. Once he passed, I realized he was juggling and it really threw off my plan. I was heckled in the last 200 meters (by a friend) for getting beat by the juggler.

Bob’s wife, Trish, also joggled the 5k and finished with a time of 20:23. They are currently on a tour around america joggling in various races and apparently enjoying a life of joggling.

Click here to see Bob’s amazing finish in the Cabbagetown Romp & Stomp 5k.

Not Your Average Juggler

Perry Romanowski claims to be Just Your Average Joggler; meaning he likes to combine his love for juggling and running into the niche sport known as joggling. He runs small distances, competes in joggling competitions at the IJA conventions, and even runs marathons while juggling. Recently he ended a streak of joggling over one mile every day for 444 days.

He might think of himself as “just your average joggler” but in my book that makes him an above average juggler. He takes his sport very seriously and maintains the best joggling blog on the Internet, touching on a variety of topics about running, juggling, joggling, and more.

The juggling subculture needs more enthusiasts like Perry Romanowski and we definitely need more blogs like his.