A Modern Juggling Film by Wes Peden

Ever since his video Marshmallow rocked the juggling subculture, and ever since he issued his challenge to “do something different!“, we’ve been wondering what Wes Peden was up to.

Turns out it was his newest movie, Expectations, available for purchase and download at www.wespeden.com.

In this short film, Peden offers a series of creative, well edited juggling vignettes showing off his unique style of interpreting classic juggling skills with a modern artful twist. A great soundtrack and some interesting locations add to the overall entertainment of the film.

We’re hoping this is the first of many similar films by Peden and others who have been inspired by what he is doing.

Here’s the trailer for Expectations:

Here’s an endorsement from one of Wes Peden’s buddies:

More Commercial Juggling

One of my first posts on JugglingSubculture.com was about a couple of recent commercials that featured juggling.

The other day I was watching a show on HULU and came upon some more!

Residence Inn has been putting out a series of commercials with people performing circus stunts in order to show off the different features provided for guests on long visits. Here are two from the series; one featuring a fire juggler/breather, and the other a plate spinner.


Anthony Gatto vs. Vova Galchenko

I came across this article from the Boston Globe comparing two of the golden boys of juggling, Anthony Gatto and Vova Galchenko. Recently on an episode of Celebrity Circus, Galchenko beat a world record for 5-club 5-up-360’s, performing the trick 21 times in a minute. Gatto responded with a YouTube video of himself performing the trick 24 times and declaring the record bogus. The juggle-off continued as both parties sought to out-do each other over YouTube until Gatto opted out with somewhat of a regret for starting duel in the first place.

Clearly both men are extremely talented jugglers. Both come from very different schools of juggling which are hard to compare. Even Galchenko admits, however, that Gatto is in a league of his own when it comes to consistently performing at very high level. Whoever is the best, it’s great to get this kind of press for juggling. It brings excitement and interest to the juggling subculture. I think Galchenko and Gatto should face off on some more fronts just for the publicity it draws!

Forget about who’s the best, who’s your favorite juggler, Anthony Gatto or Vova Galchenko?

Street Performing Season

Memorial day has come and gone making it officially street performing season. If you’re a juggler and you’ve never experienced the thrill of trying to make money on the street you are missing out on one of my favorite parts of the juggling subculture.

It always surprises me how many talented jugglers are unwilling to bring their juggling to the street. I’m a firm believer that anyone, at any skill level, with any performance style, can put together a successful street show and even make a little money on the side.

If your interested in street performing but don’t know where to start let me recommend Street Theatre a DVD put together by Peter Shatalow. I’ve always thought that the best way to build your own show is to watch as many other performers as possible. This DVD allows you to do just that with clips from 22 different street acts (including my favorite The Jim Show) interspersed with tips and advice from the performers.

I had my first street shows of the season last weekend and all of the drama, the nervousness, the thrills, and, ultimately, the satisfaction of performing on the street has all flooded back into my veins. I can’t wait for next week!

Get out there and give street performing a shot today!

Triple Staff Juggling

Here’s something a little different: A short video of Sebastian Berger–a frighteningly happy triple staff expert–showing us all a variety of ways to begin triple staff juggling. (Cause I know you were wondering!)

“Bring Me Something New!”

I recently found this video by Wes Peden on the I Can’t Stop Juggling blog. Wes is a very skilled and creative juggler who has made a heap of interesting videos on YouTube. In this video, however, he puts down his juggling clubs (or in this case, duct tapes one to the wall behind him) and passionately urges young jugglers to do something different. It’s a bold challenge, one that I hope the juggling community takes to heart.

Jugglers’ Journey in Japan

Jugglers’ Journey in Japan CoverI had no idea what I was getting when I ordered this DVD. Even after reading the descriptions on the Dube website I didn’t know if this was footage of someone touring Japan with a juggling show, or if it was a performance DVD of some well known Japanese juggler, or something completely different.

I was pleasantly surprised. Jugglers’ Journey in Japan turns out to be a well crafted montage of about a dozen Japanese jugglers. Their skills range from beautiful to jaw dropping (really you should see these guys toss up 5 balls and pirouette more times than seems humanly possible!). There is something about the Japanese culture that approaches juggling more like a martial art than a circus trick, creating technically tough but precisely executed tricks and combinations that you just don’t see from American or European jugglers.

Some of the highlights: A guy who juggles behind his head while walking around a bus stop; a “big-boned” cigar box manipulator; a surprisingly light and entertaining soundtrack; and about a hundred tricks that you’ve never even thought of trying.