Vote for Juggling on Threadless describes itself as “an on-going t-shirt design competition.” Designs are submitted and then put up for others to score. The designs with the highest scores get printed and sold.

Someone in the juggling subculture recently submitted a design with a bunch of juggling props falling to the ground. Since we recently posted about some hip juggling t-shirts, we though we’d bring this to everyone’s attention.

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T-Shirts for the Juggling Subculture

Ross Berenson recently launched a Web site selling juggling t-shirts.

Ross really got this right. These shirts are great! He used a high-quality, American Apparel t-shirt, with a simple, hip design that any juggler would be proud to wear.

I just hope Ross keeps going from here. The Juggling Subculture could use a lot more well-designed t-shirts, stickers, posters, hats, bags, (and so many other things), to help us proclaim our hobby/sport/pass-time to the world.

Check it out and buy a shirt from Ross today!