“Bring Me Something New!”

I recently found this video by Wes Peden on the I Can’t Stop Juggling blog. Wes is a very skilled and creative juggler who has made a heap of interesting videos on YouTube. In this video, however, he puts down his juggling clubs (or in this case, duct tapes one to the wall behind him) and passionately urges young jugglers to do something different. It’s a bold challenge, one that I hope the juggling community takes to heart.

The King of Boston Street Performers


When I was going to school in Boston I had the opportunity to meet a ton of talented Boston street performers including Peter Panic, Stitch, Lucky, and Etienne. I think the king of them all was Jim from the Jim show.

Jim has created one of the most professional street performing careers I’ve ever seen. In addition to being an awesome entertainer, he has found a way to bring class and dignity to a sometimes misunderstood occupation.

Some of the things he does so well: He has a great Web site. He doesn’t resort to fire or knives to get people’s attention but uses some simple but hilarious ball and club routines. He let’s people see him try and fail. He builds his own set pieces.

Jim’s got a great, dry humor (one article described it as Koffmanesque) and he delivers a quality show with impeccable professionalism. Don’t miss his show the next time you find yourself in Boston.