Zipcode Man: Juggler Turned Memory Artist

David Rosdeitcher is one of those people you hear about whenever you say you’re a street performer. It usually goes like this:

“You street perform? I once saw a guy who could tell everyone in the audience what their zip code was. It was amazing! Can you do that?!”

It’s always a little humbling.

Here’s an article
about Zipcode Man and how he got his start as a street performing juggler before finding his niche as a memorization phenomenon.

Makes you wonder what skill you have that could turn your act into something truly different and amazing.

Simon Cowell’s Juggling Philosophy

Simon Cowell, of American Idol fame, moonlights as a judge on Britain’s Got Talent where he expressed this philosophy on what it takes to be an entertaining juggler:

No one’s interested in a juggler unless there’s a good chance he’s going to kill himself.

Obviously those who view juggling as purely sport would balk at such a comment, but it’s an interesting thing to think about for anyone putting together a juggling show for the street.

Here’s one guy who Simon was very impressed with:

Street Performing Season

Memorial day has come and gone making it officially street performing season. If you’re a juggler and you’ve never experienced the thrill of trying to make money on the street you are missing out on one of my favorite parts of the juggling subculture.

It always surprises me how many talented jugglers are unwilling to bring their juggling to the street. I’m a firm believer that anyone, at any skill level, with any performance style, can put together a successful street show and even make a little money on the side.

If your interested in street performing but don’t know where to start let me recommend Street Theatre a DVD put together by Peter Shatalow. I’ve always thought that the best way to build your own show is to watch as many other performers as possible. This DVD allows you to do just that with clips from 22 different street acts (including my favorite The Jim Show) interspersed with tips and advice from the performers.

I had my first street shows of the season last weekend and all of the drama, the nervousness, the thrills, and, ultimately, the satisfaction of performing on the street has all flooded back into my veins. I can’t wait for next week!

Get out there and give street performing a shot today!

Liability Insurance: A Juggler’s Safety Net

safetynet.jpgWhen I was a younger juggler I lost a potential reoccurring gig at a local San Diego hotel because I couldn’t afford liability insurance. I just wish that the IJA had offered this affordable liability insurance for jugglers back then.

What a great opportunity for any performing juggler.

The King of Boston Street Performers


When I was going to school in Boston I had the opportunity to meet a ton of talented Boston street performers including Peter Panic, Stitch, Lucky, and Etienne. I think the king of them all was Jim from the Jim show.

Jim has created one of the most professional street performing careers I’ve ever seen. In addition to being an awesome entertainer, he has found a way to bring class and dignity to a sometimes misunderstood occupation.

Some of the things he does so well: He has a great Web site. He doesn’t resort to fire or knives to get people’s attention but uses some simple but hilarious ball and club routines. He let’s people see him try and fail. He builds his own set pieces.

Jim’s got a great, dry humor (one article described it as Koffmanesque) and he delivers a quality show with impeccable professionalism. Don’t miss his show the next time you find yourself in Boston.

For Fun and Profit

Here’s proof that anyone, at any skill level, can make money juggling. I love this kid! (Even if I have no idea what he’s saying!)