Dr. Don Rapp’s “This is the House that Jack Built”

Dr. Don Rapp has been juggling since 1940. He’s also been an educator for most of his life. Naturally, juggling has become a major part of his teaching repertoire.

Here he is performing one of his classic routines:

This article explains how Dr. Rapp uses juggling to teach kids about the connection between body and mind . . .

. . . but we were more intrigued by his simple, charming routine.

So often, observing the Juggling Subculture on the internet makes us feel inferior. So many great jugglers show off amazing routines with tricks it would take us lifetimes to learn.

Through this video the good doctor reminds us that a juggling routine doesn’t have to be packed with piourettes, or piled with props in order to bring a smile to people’s faces.

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