Fear of Regression

Juggling is a sport of runs and ruts. I’ve been running lately. I had a breakthrough with 5 clubs, and have been picking up tricks with four clubs all over the place. Consequently, I’ve been inspired to practice. It feels great. I wake up in the morning, plan my day out in my head, and have been able to fit in 30-60 minutes of juggling almost every day.

But today I started thinking a bit too hard. All this practice. All these great new tricks. What will happen if I hit another rut? What if I don’t practice much for a month? Six months? A year!? Will I go backward?

So far my experience with juggling has been that it’s like riding a bike. Once you train your muscles how to do a trick, they remember it, and, even after some dormant time, can whip it out when you need it. At least that works for the basic tricks. But does that hold true for the really hard stuff? Or is it a use-it-or-lose-it situation?

I don’t want to lose it!

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  1. That’s fascinating! And what a relief for jugglers that once you actually nail a trick it is likely to stick with you for a while even though you don’t practice it every day. The hard part is pushing your muscle memory beyond what it knows. Let me know when you push beyond your 6 ball half shower record!!

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