I Juggle

Do you juggle? I do. I love it. I can’t get enough. I started in 4th grade and I haven’t stopped. It’s my hobby, my pass-time, my sport, for a few months it was my job, and it’s my passion.

This is a blog for everyone who shares my passion.

Whether you just learned how to juggle three scarves or you’ve been throwing five clubs for 15 years, this is a place for you. Together we’ll explore the news, the events, the theory and practice, and the people that define this subculture that exists between us jugglers.

I juggle. You juggle. We juggle.

Welcome to jugglingsubculture.com.

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  1. Thanks Ed. Yeah, I don’t know if I like Google Ads either. Right now I’m still experimenting with how I want jugglingsubculture.com to look and feel. I appreciate the feedback.

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