Jugglers’ Journey in Japan

Jugglers’ Journey in Japan CoverI had no idea what I was getting when I ordered this DVD. Even after reading the descriptions on the Dube website I didn’t know if this was footage of someone touring Japan with a juggling show, or if it was a performance DVD of some well known Japanese juggler, or something completely different.

I was pleasantly surprised. Jugglers’ Journey in Japan turns out to be a well crafted montage of about a dozen Japanese jugglers. Their skills range from beautiful to jaw dropping (really you should see these guys toss up 5 balls and pirouette more times than seems humanly possible!). There is something about the Japanese culture that approaches juggling more like a martial art than a circus trick, creating technically tough but precisely executed tricks and combinations that you just don’t see from American or European jugglers.

Some of the highlights: A guy who juggles behind his head while walking around a bus stop; a “big-boned” cigar box manipulator; a surprisingly light and entertaining soundtrack; and about a hundred tricks that you’ve never even thought of trying.

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