Mark Hanson 3-Ball Speed Juggling Record Verified

It’s official!

Guinness World Records has officially verified and recognized the 3-ball speed juggling record set by Mark Hanson last December. Mark made 417 catches in one minute beating the previous record by more than 70 catches.

Way to go Mark! You are an inspiration to the Juggling Subculture!

Click here to see the record on the official Guinness World Record site.

Click here to see a great video about Mark’s record posted by the Des Moines Register.

2 Replies to “Mark Hanson 3-Ball Speed Juggling Record Verified”

  1. Excellent!

    Did you see that the juggling while uni-cycling record is only 1.7 miles? It seems like that would be pretty easy to break. I have personally done over 6 miles and I’m certain could have gone a lot further. If someone is looking to break a world record, that seems like a pretty good one to do.

  2. I can’t imagine how fast that juggling is, I can’t seem to get on the video link either.

    @Perry Its very interesting you say that, I noticed the record a few months back and thought exactly the same. I’ve done a 10 mile ride without stopping, and I’m fairly sure putting juggling into the equation doesn’t make it much more difficult.

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