More On-Screen Juggling for Patrick Dempsey

The media was all abuzz last year when Patrick Dempsey showed off his juggling skills in Made of Honor.

It seems like we’ll get a chance to see more of Dempsey’s juggling in an upcoming movie.

In a recent interview with the Boston Globe he said,

Right now I’m doing a movie, Valentine’s Day, with Garry Marshall. Every scene that I’m in, he has me juggling. . . [The juggling] illustrate[s] an emotional scene in the movie. The character uses it as avoidance.

Read the whole article here.

Click here to catch a glimpse of Dempsey juggling in the trailer.

And here’s a quick video of Dempsey, juggling with the Flying Karamozov Brothers, before an interview with Rachael Ray.

2 Replies to “More On-Screen Juggling for Patrick Dempsey”

  1. Sadly, his juggling was confined to two scenes in the movie, and both were just a few seconds of a 3 ball cascade. Guess they cut the good stuff.

    1. I know! Maybe a little more juggling could have made the movie a little better! And why did the juggler have to be the creepy guy!?

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