Three-Up Pirouette: You Foul Temptress!!


There’s something about this trick! I’m getting pretty good with 5 clubs but I can’t seem to stick this three club standard! There must be some skill I’m lacking. Or maybe it’s an inner ear thing with all that spinning around. Somehow, despite my years of trying, I can only land this one every once in a while. I’d love to put it in the show. I’d love to be able to land it every time. BUT I CAN’T!! Yaaaaaaarrg!

If you’d like to see the trick I’m talking about click here (yes, even this little kid can do it!!!) or for a goofier example click here.

Liability Insurance: A Juggler’s Safety Net

safetynet.jpgWhen I was a younger juggler I lost a potential reoccurring gig at a local San Diego hotel because I couldn’t afford liability insurance. I just wish that the IJA had offered this affordable liability insurance for jugglers back then.

What a great opportunity for any performing juggler.

Jugglers’ Journey in Japan

Jugglers’ Journey in Japan CoverI had no idea what I was getting when I ordered this DVD. Even after reading the descriptions on the Dube website I didn’t know if this was footage of someone touring Japan with a juggling show, or if it was a performance DVD of some well known Japanese juggler, or something completely different.

I was pleasantly surprised. Jugglers’ Journey in Japan turns out to be a well crafted montage of about a dozen Japanese jugglers. Their skills range from beautiful to jaw dropping (really you should see these guys toss up 5 balls and pirouette more times than seems humanly possible!). There is something about the Japanese culture that approaches juggling more like a martial art than a circus trick, creating technically tough but precisely executed tricks and combinations that you just don’t see from American or European jugglers.

Some of the highlights: A guy who juggles behind his head while walking around a bus stop; a “big-boned” cigar box manipulator; a surprisingly light and entertaining soundtrack; and about a hundred tricks that you’ve never even thought of trying.

Make Your Own Juggling Equipment

I’ve always respected jugglers who make their own equipment. Here are two videos that show you how to make some pretty good clubs and balls.

“The Guy Who Taught Me How to Juggle”

I ran into my friend Daniel yesterday who I haven’t seen much since we went to the same church youth group in high school. He introduced me to his wife (they got married a few months ago) as “the guy who taught me how to juggle.”

It’s fun to realize that, after all these years, he thinks it’s cool that I taught him how to juggle; that I made a small impact on his life in that way.

I like being the “guy who taught me how to juggle.”

Juggling Organizations

My dad taught me how to juggle when I was 11 years old. Like most young jugglers I taught myself a few tricks, bought a juggling video from a magic catalog, and generally enjoyed my private little juggling life. Then something happened–I heard about the International Juggling Association, a group of jugglers that had conventions, workshops, a Web site, a magazine, and even MEMBERSHIP CARDS!! (Remember I’m 11. These things are huge!) Soon I discovered other juggling clubs and organizations and realized that there really was a world wide juggling subculture.

In case you haven’t found them yet here’s a brief description of the two major juggling organizations:

The International Jugglers Association: Started by a group of jugglers who were tired of having to get together at the International Brotherhood of Magicians, the IJA was created in 1947 with the goal of “rendering assistance to fellow jugglers.” The IJA publishes Juggle Magazine and puts on the annual IJA Juggling Festival.

The World Juggling Federation: Started as an alternative to the IJA, the WJF is dedicated to promoting the sport of juggling world wide. Focusing on numbers, records, and trick difficulty instead of performance, the WJF sponsors training and competitions for jugglers. Portions of the WJF convention were even aired on ESPN2 in 2005.

Happy Thanksgiving from

I scoured the Internet for a picture or a video of someone juggling turkeys, turkey legs, horns of plenty, or something festive. Nada.

Instead, here’s a classic juggling moment from The Jerk starring Steve Martin. It has nothing to do with Thanksgiving but it might be entertaining for you while your intestines are juggling a little turkey, stuffing, and yams.

Happy Thanksgiving!

Juggling and Fine Art?

Pablo Picasso once said,

“I am always doing what I can not do, in order that I may learn how to do it.”

Doesn’t he sound like a juggler!?

Picasso painted this during his “rose period” in 1905. During that time he painted various types of performers–tumblers, guitar players, harlequins, etc. He must have admired this guy who was able to do things most people couldn’t. He must have felt a connection between his own pursuit of artistic feats and the dexterous pursuits of this juggler.

I particularly like that the juggler in this painting isn’t juggling, and has none of his juggling props with him. It’s just a painting of a juggler like you and me.