Patrick Dempsey-“Sexiest Juggler Alive”

Before he was a star on the small screen or the big screen, Patrick Dempsey was a juggler. And apparently he’s pretty good. At the age of 15, Dempsey won 2nd place–losing only to Anthony Gatto–at an IJA competition in Cleveland.

Dempsey talks about his run as a competing juggler in a recent Newsweek article that declares him the “sexiest juggler alive.” The article also mentions that Dempsey’s juggling skills will make a cameo in his new movie Made of Honor.

Here’s an 18-year-old Dempsey juggling in a 1984 music video called “Overnight Success”:

Click here to read the Newsweek interview.

Click here to see him talk about his juggling past on the Ellen Dejeneres show.

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