Rejected Juggler on American Idol

The juggling subculture has benefited a lot from reality TV. Mostly from variety shows like America’s Got Talent. Here’s a rare and funny glimpse of juggling on American Idol where one hopeful singer uses his devil stick skills to try to get Randy, Paula, Simon and Jewel to notice his singing. Needless to say, it doesn’t work very well.

2 Replies to “Rejected Juggler on American Idol”

  1. I think some professional jugglers have serious concerns about the impact of America’s Got Talent on the world of juggling, in part because of the ridicule some great jugglers have encountered on the show.

    I’ve spoken a bit with one who has turned down frequent invites from the show.

  2. Yeah, the American shows never give jugglers enough credit. Some of the “Got Talent” shows in other countries do.

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