Set of 3 Play Deluxe Fire Torch Juggling Clubs by Play

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As the name suggests this is the deluxe version of the best selling Play Eco torch. The deluxe variation uses the same plastic inner dowel as the Eco and the entire PX3 range – however it also features a more comfortable wrapped handle and a slightly larger 70mm Kevlar® wick. This torch is geared towards outdoor fire performers and should only be used by adults. The Kevlar® wicks have minimal protruding metalwork and the fall points on the torch have been protected using a rubber ring and PX3 knob. Excellent quality professional fire torch that ticks all the right boxes. It is a medium weight (270g) and a dream to juggle. Well weighted for perfect control during outdoor performances. Excellent quality Kevlar that is easily replaced makes these a great prop for anyone trying their hand at fire juggling. Each torch weighs 270g Fire performing is inherently dangerous and if done incorrectly can result in serious injury. Use at your own risk. Always take proper precautions while performing and keep proper fire safety equipment and personal on hand at all times and regularly check your equipment for wear and tear.

  • Excellent quality professional fire torches.
  • Well weighted for perfect control during outdoor performances.
  • Shock absorbing rubber ring and silver handle make it easier to catch during nighttime performances.
  • The Flex Grip PX3 circus club - comfortable, firm with a little give.
  • Excellent quality Kevlar that is easily replaced.

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