Some Inspiring Words for the New Year

Michael Karas recently posted an interesting retrospective about the juggling world in 2008. He also took the opportunity to write these inspiring words for jugglers as we look forward to a new year:

To my fellow jugglers – this is my challenge to you! In 2009, focus on discovering what you individually do best! It is our different minds working together that produces so much amazing juggling. The more you try to conform to someone else’s style, the less variety we’ll have in our art. Your style should be juggling you love, not juggling that someone else loves. What tricks excite you? What pictures do you want to create through manipulation? THINK about your juggling. Make goals. Try a new prop! Invent a new prop! Shoot your first juggling video! Go to your first juggling convention. Perform for the first time! Whatever it is, set some “impossible” goals for yourself this year. I think you’ll find that, if you actually put in the work, the “impossible” becomes graspable.

Click here to read the whole post.

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