Street Performing to Beat the Recession

Colombia has been especially hard hit by the world’s current financial challenges. An article on explains that many Colombians in the city of Bogota are turning to street performing for two reasons: to make a living, and to make people smile in a desperate time.

Juggler Angel Rubiano said, “We keep working. As you see we are all in the mood to work, make some money and improve this art, despite the fact that the country is in crisis. We don’t want to be part of the crisis and we are working here to make you laugh and fill you with emotions and sensations.”

One of the ways they perform is by jumping in front of traffic at red lights and putting on a 30 second show. It’s a pretty intense form of street performing; and even though we’re pretty sure you’d get you thrown in jail in America for doing something like that, it makes us wonder about other outside-the-box ideas performers can make a few extra bucks in this difficult time.

Here’s a video of some red-light street performers in Bogota:

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