The Juggling Blog Void

Sometimes we feel so alone. Where are all the other juggling blogs?  There are blogs about every subject under the sun, but the representation of the juggling subculture in the blogoshpere is paltry and depressing. Jugglers are smart, willing to work hard, creative, collaborative, entrepreneurial, enthusiastic–all ingredients for solid, interesting blogs–but for some reason, very few of us are willing to channel these characteristics into blogs.

That needs to change. We need more juggling blogs!

Like we said in one of our first posts:

Juggling and the internet seem like they meant for each other. Juggling is a collaborative endeavor. And now–with sites like YouTube, MySpace, Flicker, etc–it’s easier than ever to share. Any 12-year-old kid with a Macbook and a decent three ball cascade can make a video of himself/herself doing the “most awesome juggling routing ever”, ad a groovey soundtrack, and post it up for the world to see.

So why aren’t more of us doing it? Are there just not as many jugglers out there as we think? Is there not enough for the juggling subculture to talk about? Are jugglers not thoughtful and passionate enough about their skills?

A thousand times NO!

There have been a few rays of light that quickly fade away. It seems to be an epedemic among juggling blogs: They will post a few great posts, seemingly walk away for months, and eventually abandon the endeavor. Even some of the big names in juggling have started blogs that get a post once every three months at best.

So here is yet another plea to the juggling subculture: Start more juggling blogs and stick with them!

If you need some good examples here are a few people who are doing exactly what we need:

(Disclaimer: We humbly admit that we don’t know everything, and that there may be some great juggling blogs out there that we haven’t found. If you’ve found some or if you’ve started one please tell us!)

Not Your Average Juggler

Perry Romanowski claims to be Just Your Average Joggler; meaning he likes to combine his love for juggling and running into the niche sport known as joggling. He runs small distances, competes in joggling competitions at the IJA conventions, and even runs marathons while juggling. Recently he ended a streak of joggling over one mile every day for 444 days.

He might think of himself as “just your average joggler” but in my book that makes him an above average juggler. He takes his sport very seriously and maintains the best joggling blog on the Internet, touching on a variety of topics about running, juggling, joggling, and more.

The juggling subculture needs more enthusiasts like Perry Romanowski and we definitely need more blogs like his.