Tips For Developing Your Juggling Routine

Many jugglers feel the desire to share their skills with others but struggle to translate what they’ve learned into an entertaining routine. The Dube Juggling Blog recently posted “8 Tips to Develop Your Routine” that we found insightful.

Here are a couple of tips that we thought were particularly helpful:

-Drops happen. It’s a fact of life. Anthony Gatto drops. Jason Garfield drops. You drop. Be prepared for this eventuality. Pick up the prop, smile, and get back to work. Never show the audience your frustration!

-You might love siteswaps, but your audience doesn’t understand what they are. Just because a trick is hard, doesn’t mean that audience understands that. This is why the eat-the-apple trick is so popular–people get it!

-STOP AND STYLE! It is important to connect with the audience. Some jugglers are so focused that they never establish a connection. Make sure to stop and style a number of times throughout the routine. When you stop and style, you give the audience permission to applaud. Try to time your styles to climactic moments in the song.

Click here to read the rest of the tips.

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