Vova Galchenko’s New Promo Video

Vova Galchenko seems to be stepping up his marketing game. His Web site has been updated to include all of his latest TV appearances, new photos, and a better sales pitch for his corporate, college, and motivational speaking performances. According to his site, we haven’t seen much of him lately because he’s been focused on his academic endeavors as a computer science major at USC. But don’t worry,

Although Vova has considerably scaled down his media features and performing schedule in the past year, he maintained his strict juggling practice schedule. He is currently planning his return to the performing scene, so watch out for him in 2010.

Phew! I’m sure the world of computer science has enjoyed having him on their team, but the Juggling Subculture is ready to welcome back it’s prodigal son.

Here’s Vova’s new promo video for 2010:

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