Zipcode Man: Juggler Turned Memory Artist

David Rosdeitcher is one of those people you hear about whenever you say you’re a street performer. It usually goes like this:

“You street perform? I once saw a guy who could tell everyone in the audience what their zip code was. It was amazing! Can you do that?!”

It’s always a little humbling.

Here’s an article
about Zipcode Man and how he got his start as a street performing juggler before finding his niche as a memorization phenomenon.

Makes you wonder what skill you have that could turn your act into something truly different and amazing.

2 Replies to “Zipcode Man: Juggler Turned Memory Artist”

  1. Zippy! David is a great guy. I spent a few days with him in Boulder, CO. Loved his show. What an act. I loved the teenager that came up to him after a show and was so amazed, he asked if David would come to his High School and perform. I was laughing so hard because he stops tourist and tells them all about where they are from just from their zip codes. Everyone in the High School is from the same place. How boring would that be to get the same answer from everyone, “I live here!” I still think Jay Leno is missing out.

    -Juggler Bob

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