3 Balls + 3 Scarves + Instructional DVD…… The ULTIMATE Juggling Set

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If you have ever wanted to juggle, then you are looking at the definitive DVD that will get your hands moving like never before. ******** Mister M® has over 20 years of performance experience under his belt, which means you get the perfected technique that he uses when he performs in front of thousands! ************ This instructional DVD set contains all you need to be able to start your own juggling career from scratch: 3 juggling balls, 3 juggling scarves, and the exclusive training methods that Mister M® provides you on the instructional DVD. It does not stop there, however, as Mister M® will also show you how to properly ride the unicycle, and if you dare… you can also learn the basics of playing with the Diablo! With scenes from his current show “Here We Go” included and his book “Welcome to My Show” coming in 2013, you will be able to start your journey toward an entertainment career with this most excellent instructional DVD today. *************** That is right! You can make people laugh just like Mister M® can after seeing the easy tips and tricks included right here. If you would like to find out more information about Mister M®, you can find him at www.MisterM.net.

  • Balls are 2.5 in / 3.5 oz, scarves are 23 in + a DVD
  • Ulitmate starter set with 3 soft QUALITY balls, 3 brilliant juggling scarves + the definitive instructional DVD by MisterM
  • Balls do not roll away, scarves are very light so they fly very slowly
  • Comes in a beautiful tin which makes it perfect gift!
  • "Learn to juggle" guarantee, "and that's My promise!" - Mister M

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