Anthony Gatto vs. Vova Galchenko

I came across this article from the Boston Globe comparing two of the golden boys of juggling, Anthony Gatto and Vova Galchenko. Recently on an episode of Celebrity Circus, Galchenko beat a world record for 5-club 5-up-360’s, performing the trick 21 times in a minute. Gatto responded with a YouTube video of himself performing the trick 24 times and declaring the record bogus. The juggle-off continued as both parties sought to out-do each other over YouTube until Gatto opted out with somewhat of a regret for starting duel in the first place.

Clearly both men are extremely talented jugglers. Both come from very different schools of juggling which are hard to compare. Even Galchenko admits, however, that Gatto is in a league of his own when it comes to consistently performing at very high level. Whoever is the best, it’s great to get this kind of press for juggling. It brings excitement and interest to the juggling subculture. I think Galchenko and Gatto should face off on some more fronts just for the publicity it draws!

Forget about who’s the best, who’s your favorite juggler, Anthony Gatto or Vova Galchenko?

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