‘Got Talent’ Juggling Around the World

Now that all of the jugglers have been ousted on this season of America’s Got Talent we’ve been forced to scour the internet for glimpses of jugglers on the other “Got Talent” shows around the globe.

Here are a couple of young jugglers on Arab’s Got Talent:

We’re not sure exactly what the judge is saying at the end, but it seems to be somewhat positive!

And another young juggler getting some positive responses from the judges in the Sweden’s Got Talent 2009 season:

And finally, the “New Heartthrob of Diabolo” William Campbell from Australia’s Got Talent in 2009:

Charles Peachock’s Second Chance on America’s Got Talent

The Juggling Subculture is rarely even given a first chance on America’s Got Talent.

But in a strange turn of events this season, Piers Morgan surprisingly stands up for juggler Charles Peachock, bringing him back in the wild card round and giving him a second chance to win over the American public.

Despite this opportunity Charles’ nerves sadly get the best of him and he drops a knife during the last portion of his routine:

Cheers to Charles for making it this far in a typically jugglephobic reality show, and for winning over the toughest critic of the bunch. We also appreciate his humility as he exits the show.

Results In, Nick Pike Out, On America’s Got Talent

Despite a fiery performance, Nick Pike couldn’t overcome the judges’ negativity and win the vote on America’s Got Talent.

Our hat’s off to Nick for getting as far as he did in the competition and showing great class by apologizing for some angry behavior exhibited the night before.

Nick has a lot of skill and a lot of passion that comes out every time he performs. We appreciate him representing jugglers this year on AGT!

Click here to watch the results show.