Will Ferrell “Juggles” On The Office

Transitioning from four to five balls! Pirouettes! Juggling off of someone’s face! A neck catch finish! Who knew Will Ferrell was such a skilled fake juggler!

Is this a nice tribute to the power of juggling as a motivational tool? Or an insult to the Juggling Subculture? We’re not sure, but it did make us laugh pretty hard!

Remember: Nothing’s impossible!

Charlie McDonnell Accepts a Juggling Challenge

Charlie McDonnell is the most subscribed YouTuber in the United Kingdom. According to the about page on his video blog, he has “amassed over 40 million total video views.”

Earlier this month Charlie answered a challenge to learn how to juggle.

Notice at the beginning Charlie refers to juggling as a useless skill. Then, by day 8, he’s calling for a YouTube juggling revolution.

We think that’s an awesome progression.

We’ll definitely throw our full support behind any other video bloggers that want to dazzle their audiences by taking a step into the juggling subculture.

(Click here to see wheezywaiter’s video about juggling.)

Justin Bieber Juggles in Japan

You know we love it when the Juggling Subculture and pop culture collide.

Apparently, while touring Japan to promote his new album, Justin Bieber took the opportunity to show off yet another of his skills.

As entertainmentwise.com reports;

Justin showed off his skill using two clubs, then he swiftly moved onto three, drawing gasps from the audience, when he didn’t drop them.

Reportedly, he kept a solid cascade going for about 7 seconds. Pretty good for your average tween idol!

We haven’t found video yet, but we will post it as soon as it surfaces.

More On-Screen Juggling for Patrick Dempsey

The media was all abuzz last year when Patrick Dempsey showed off his juggling skills in Made of Honor.

It seems like we’ll get a chance to see more of Dempsey’s juggling in an upcoming movie.

In a recent interview with the Boston Globe he said,

Right now I’m doing a movie, Valentine’s Day, with Garry Marshall. Every scene that I’m in, he has me juggling. . . [The juggling] illustrate[s] an emotional scene in the movie. The character uses it as avoidance.

Read the whole article here.

Click here to catch a glimpse of Dempsey juggling in the trailer.

And here’s a quick video of Dempsey, juggling with the Flying Karamozov Brothers, before an interview with Rachael Ray.

Jason Mraz: Singer/Songwriter, Avacodo Farmer, Juggler

Did you know Jason Mraz juggles? According to this CNN interview he picked up the skill during downtime while touring.

Here’s a video we found of Mraz juggling during a performance with his friend and fellow songwriter Bushwalla.

With ample amounts of downtime, and a good understanding of rythm and timing, I don’t know why more touring musicians don’t take up juggling. It just makes sense.

Dean Cain Juggles on “Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader”

Here’s a weird one. Apparently Dean Cain was on Are You Smarter Than A Fifth Grader. As a surprise, his favorite elementary school teacher comes out and makes him juggle three apples. I don’t know if he ended up being “smarter than the fifth graders,” but it’s nice to know that Superman can juggle.