Historical Juggling Props – An Online Museum

The Historical Juggling Props museum began when David Cain got his hands on a set of Van Wyck clubs. This re-ignited an old dream of his to build a collection of juggling props with historic value that could be displayed as an exhibit at conventions and festivals.



Since then David has realized his dream by putting together a formidable collection of “innovative and rare clubs,” “vintage mass marketed props,” “world record props,” and collections from classic performers. Some of our favorite items in the collection are the various Van Wyck clubs, the collection of Francis Brunn props, and the club “broken in anger” by Jason Garfield.




This museum is a great treasure for the Juggling Subculture. We appreciate David’s hard work in collecting, cultivating and displaying the props that tell the story of juggling history.


Classic Performers: Enrico Rastelli

Italian juggler Enrico Rastelli is known for pushing the limits of technical juggling skill. In his day, gentleman jugglers dominated the spotlights, dressing in tuxedos and top hats to juggle canes, bottles, bread and other common items. But Rastelli stuck with balls, sticks, and plates in order to take these props to higher levels of manipulation. (A focus on technical skill over fluffy showmanship eh? Remind you of anyone?)

Here’s a brief video montage of some of Rastelli’s skills:

Read more about Rastelli here.

(Thanks for the info Wikipedia!)

Classic Performers: Kris Kremo

Bela Kremo, a famous Swiss juggler, taught all of his children the family business of juggling, but only Kris Kremo stuck with it as a profession. Kris went on to perfect a simple but crowd-pleasing routine with three hats, three balls, and cigar boxes that has won him numerous awards and the chance to perform in front of royalty around the world. His expert manipulation of these basic props, along with a great sense of comedic timing, has made this fairly basic routine an extraordinary success.

Click here to see Bela and Kris Kremo performing together.

(Thanks to http://www.veress.se/kriskremo.htm for information about Kris Kremo.)

Classic Performers: Francis Brunn

The essence of Francis Brunn’s juggling is control. He uses whole-body athletiscism and flexibility to manipulate, balance and build great combination tricks the like of which we don’t see too often today.

Here’s a clip from The Jack Benny Show where Brunn demonstrates his skills as the comedian pokes fun at his flamboyant performance style.

Read the Juggling Hall of Fame entry for Francis Brunn here.