Historical Juggling Props – An Online Museum

The Historical Juggling Props museum began when David Cain got his hands on a set of Van Wyck clubs. This re-ignited an old dream of his to build a collection of juggling props with historic value that could be displayed as an exhibit at conventions and festivals.



Since then David has realized his dream by putting together a formidable collection of “innovative and rare clubs,” “vintage mass marketed props,” “world record props,” and collections from classic performers. Some of our favorite items in the collection are the various Van Wyck clubs, the collection of Francis Brunn props, and the club “broken in anger” by Jason Garfield.




This museum is a great treasure for the Juggling Subculture. We appreciate David’s hard work in collecting, cultivating and displaying the props that tell the story of juggling history.


Pipe Smoking Juggler

Apparently Matthew Peplinski likes to smoke pipes and is a pretty good juggler.

Here’s his attempt to do both at once:

Get’s a little smokey in there eh Matthew!

Three things we like about this video: 1.The background music. 2.The subtle midwest accent. 3.The high-pitched giggle at the end by one of Matthew’s fellow Order of Collegiate Pipe Smokers member.

Juggling Ban Lifted

A long time ban on juggling in the forest preserves of Cook County Illinois  has been lifted!

According to a report in the Chicago Sun-Times:

Forest preserve commissioners were in clean-up mode during their Wednesday meeting. They cleared off the books some old — and possibly illegal — ordinances and better defined “misconduct rules,” including what constitutes indecent exposure on the forest preserve links.

This included removing ordinances against juggling, acrobatic feats, and fortune telling.

We’re glad that Cook County officials finally realized that JUGGLING IS NOT A CRIME!

Click here to read the whole article.

Flying Karamozov Brothers for Fire Safety

Last week New York City’s NY1 reported that the Flying Karamozov Brothers recently teamed up with the New York City Fire Department to create a public service announcement to promote fire prevention.

Frank Pizarro of the FDNY explained, “it worked, because the fire department, fire, torches flying everywhere . . . it’s really a fun project. And it’s going to educate young people especially, as to fire safety.”

FKB and FDNY will film the PSA in a couple of weeks. We’ll let you know when it hits the airwaves.

Click here to watch the news report from NY1.

Interview With Nick Pike

In a recent interview on Remote Patrolled, Nick Pike opens up about his America’s Got Talent experience. He discusses the three acts he was able to perform, his minor feud with judge Piers Morgan, and his post-AGT plans.

When asked if he would have done anything differently, Nick says:

I have no regrets. I achieved what I set out to do – and then some. I had a lot of fun performing and meeting all the other contestants on the show.  I would love to thank all of my supporters and fans out there, and challenge any of my critics to get out of their arm chair audition for the show, make it to the top 48, and then get back to me!!

Click here to read the interview.

Results In, Nick Pike Out, On America’s Got Talent

Despite a fiery performance, Nick Pike couldn’t overcome the judges’ negativity and win the vote on America’s Got Talent.

Our hat’s off to Nick for getting as far as he did in the competition and showing great class by apologizing for some angry behavior exhibited the night before.

Nick has a lot of skill and a lot of passion that comes out every time he performs. We appreciate him representing jugglers this year on AGT!

Click here to watch the results show.

Nick Pike Receives Second Chance on America’s Got Talent

Apparently America’s Got Talent wasn’t done with Nick Pike after all!

The cruise ship juggler–who suffered the fate of nearly all jugglers on the popular talent competition last week–was invited back to join the top 48 line-up in Hollywood last night.

Nick received this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity when the sword swallowing act of Twisted Trystan and Krystan withdrew from the competition.

Here’s his performance from last night:

That’s right, even though they brought him back, the judges gave Nick nothing but grief. Luckily the judges no longer decide who moves forward. Nick Pike’s fate is now in the hands of the American public.