Will Ferrell “Juggles” On The Office

Transitioning from four to five balls! Pirouettes! Juggling off of someone’s face! A neck catch finish! Who knew Will Ferrell was such a skilled fake juggler!

Is this a nice tribute to the power of juggling as a motivational tool? Or an insult to the Juggling Subculture? We’re not sure, but it did make us laugh pretty hard!

Remember: Nothing’s impossible!

Juggling Diploma

Those of us in the Juggling Subculture who take part in higher education often end up doing more juggling than studying.

If this describes your college experience, make it official with this Juggling Diploma!

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A Happy Juggling Family

Here’s a family that really seems to enjoy spending time juggling together:

This video was submitted by Mercury Morningstar. He’s a fan of JugglingSubculture.com, and suggested I post this video because it has, as he put it:

  • a demonstration of the elegent efficacy of the Jugglebelt, my own invention.
  • a celebration of intergenerational family juggling, which is a powerful medicine for strengthening family connections.
  • a demo of Juggledance, the precise synchronization of a juggling routine to music!

Cool invention Mercury! Thanks for sharing the video.

New Juggling Film From Wes Peden

When Wes Peden released the short juggling film Expectations, we were hoping it would be the first of many similar projects. It looks like our dreams have come true! Wes just released a new short film titled “Plaid.”

Here’s how he describes the film:

Plaid is a collection of juggling inventions and compositions made from the love of weird catches and style conscious throws. The film covers many controversial topics such as flipping, up catching, under the leg and backcross desegregation in relation to five club juggling, and what exactly the edition of purple handles has on modern 3 club juggling.

We are excited to see how Wes delivers his unique, art-infused juggling style in this new venture.

Take a look at the trailer for “Plaid”:

If Juggling Balls Formed Gangs

Here’s what your juggling balls do when you’re not around!

Another Simpsons Juggling Cameo

The Simpsons animators snuck a bit of juggling into another recent episode.

That’s two juggling cameos in the same month!
(Click here to see the first one if you missed it.)

Rejected Juggler on American Idol

The juggling subculture has benefited a lot from reality TV. Mostly from variety shows like America’s Got Talent. Here’s a rare and funny glimpse of juggling on American Idol where one hopeful singer uses his devil stick skills to try to get Randy, Paula, Simon and Jewel to notice his singing. Needless to say, it doesn’t work very well.

Animated Juggling Cameo On The Simpsons

There was a nice juggling cameo in the first couple minutes of the latest episode of The Simpsons.

Props to the writers for using the word “cascade.” (Even though he’s clearly doing a shower. Oh, and we’ll forgive them for calling the “clubs” “pins”.)