A Few Questions For the Jugglng Subculture

Why aren’t there any jugglers headlining in Vegas?

Why don’t average people know the name of any professional jugglers?

Why hasn’t there ever been a feature film about a juggler?

Why hasn’t a juggler ever won America’s Got Talent?

Why are there only a handful of juggling blogs and most of them rarely updated?

Why is a cruise ship job, the highest gig many jugglers aspire to?

The juggling subculture has a ton of talented, entertaining, hard-working, skilled performers; why don’t normal people know who they are?

What are we going to do about it?

Liability Insurance: A Juggler’s Safety Net

safetynet.jpgWhen I was a younger juggler I lost a potential reoccurring gig at a local San Diego hotel because I couldn’t afford liability insurance. I just wish that the IJA had offered this affordable liability insurance for jugglers back then.

What a great opportunity for any performing juggler.