New Club Smell

Just got new American Clubs from Dube. I’ve never had one-piece clubs before, and I’ve always been entrigued by the Classic Americans. (They come highly recommended by Jim from The Jim Show.) I’m excited to see how they work with the juggling that I do in my show.

There is nothing better than fresh juggling props! I’m almost afraid to juggle them because they’re so clean and white, but I know soon enough they’ll be beat up, dirty, scarred, and stained. I guess the faster I destroy these, the faster I’ll get to buy new one’s again!

Click on the banner below if you’d like to share in the wonderful feeling of buying new Classic American Clubs from Dube.

Update Your Juggling Wardrobe

Dube recently released two new juggling themed t-shirt designs.

Any juggler would be proud to practice, perform, or just be seen in either of these new designs which definitely step it up in the design department.

(Maybe the guys at Dube were inspired by!)

Click here to buy the new designs.

Creating Juggling Tricks

Here’s a video posted on YouTube by Mick Lunzer. There are two things I like about this. First, I’ve been interested in hoop juggling for a while. Not many people do it, but it seems like has good potential for entertaining tricks. I don’t know if the hoops are just hard to find/make, if they are hard to juggle, or what, but I think the juggling subculture needs to embrace the hoop.

I also like how Mick describes the process of developing a new trick. He gives a great simple explanation of taking something he can do, imagining what he could ad to it, and working on it until he sees progress. It really captures the self-discovery aspect of juggling that is so appealing to us jugglers.

You Need a Good Rola Bola!

Notice the title of this post is a command and not a question. Every good juggler needs a rola bola to play with. Rolla bollas are fun, they are challenging, they add another dimension to your juggling skills, and they are a crowd-thrilling addition to any show.

If you’re curious where to get one for yourself. May I suggest the following:

  • For the board: Dube makes the best. It’s a little pricey but if you don’t want to spend time making your own this is definitely the way to go. Dube’s rola bola is very well constructed and has great grip features that will keep you from slipping off the board.
  • For the roller: I really like the rola bola tube that you can get from Serious Juggling. For $9 it’s a much bigger and stronger pipe than you get with your Dube rola bola.

If you get really good on your rola bola, and you find some leather pants, you could be like this guy:

I Need New Juggling Stuff

In anticipation of an economic stimulus package check I’m gearing up to buy some new juggling equipment. All of my 5 club and 3 up pirouette practice has done a number on my clubs, I gave some of my beanbags away to one of my friends for his birthday, and in general it’s just time for an upgrade.

Here’s what I’m looking to get:

  • 6 Clubs
  • 7-10 Beanbags
  • 6 Hula Hoops
  • Diabolo handsticks

I’ve just started the research phase of this upgrade, if anyone has input on the best clubs for 5 club juggling, the best beanbags for juggling 7, or any place that sells normal old hula hoops, please let me know.

Isn’t buying new juggling stuff awesome!

Make Your Own Juggling Equipment

I’ve always respected jugglers who make their own equipment. Here are two videos that show you how to make some pretty good clubs and balls.