Mark Hanson 3-Ball Speed Juggling Record Verified

It’s official!

Guinness World Records has officially verified and recognized the 3-ball speed juggling record set by Mark Hanson last December. Mark made 417 catches in one minute beating the previous record by more than 70 catches.

Way to go Mark! You are an inspiration to the Juggling Subculture!

Click here to see the record on the official Guinness World Record site.

Click here to see a great video about Mark’s record posted by the Des Moines Register.

Mark Hanson Breaking World 3-Ball Speed Juggling Record

On Saturday December 17th Mark Hanson attempted to break the world 3-ball speed juggling record. With a self counted 417 catches in one minute, Mark is now awaiting the final word from Guinness to officially claim the title.

Here’s the video Mark submitted to Guinness:

In case the counting confused you . . . Mark counts what he calls rounds. A round is a set of three throws. This is obviously much easier than attempting to count each throw individually.

We hope you hear back soon Mark!

Set a Juggling Record on

The people behind believe that “every person on Earth has potential to be the world’s best ‘something’.” They have made a place where anyone can create–and stake his/her claim on–a world record.

For the Juggling Subculture this means you don’t have to be Anthony Gatto to be a world record holder!

Here’s Brian Pankey setting a record for taking bites out of three apples while juggling:

Use your creativity and go create and set a record today!

(Or grab three apples and try to break Brian’s!)