JuggleFit-Juggle Your Way to Fitness

Even though Jason Garfield was kidding around when he posted his Juggling Tae Bo fitness video, we always thought he was on to something.

Juggling as an exercise program seems to make sense!

Recently we learned about JuggleFit from The Jugglers’ Lounge blog.

Heather Wolf, the founder and lead trainer of JuggleFit, created the company in order to provide a “new and exciting route to brain and body fitness through juggling.” She uses DVD’s and live training seminars to teach juggling as a calorie burner and brain enhancer.

We’re proud of Heather for bringing her joint passion for juggling and fitness together in this way!

Click here to watch Heather teach a juggling lesson.

Click here to watch testimonials from people who just learned how to juggle for fitness.

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