My $500 Show

I developed my juggling show in college. I worked on different skills, I practiced performing, and came up with a show that has worked pretty well for me over the last few years.

It’s a solid $200 show.

What does that mean?

Good question. Let’s put it this way; I feel comfortable that if someone hired me to do my show that I could fairly charge them up to $200. If I charge them less they’re getting a deal, but, given the production value, the skills I demonstrate in the show, and a few other factors, something wouldn’t feel right charging them any more.

But it’s a new year. And it’s time to increase the value of my show.

So, in 2009, my goal is to produce a $500 show. I imagine this will be a process that takes most of the year, beginning with an interesting thought exercise about what ads value to a juggling show.

Some of my initial thoughts:

  1. Props: A $200 show can get away with dirty, old props that look like they’ve been juggled over rocks for 10 years. A $500 show would have clean, high quality props, that look like they’re kept in a hermetically sealed carrying case.
  2. Skills: This is the difference between flashing 5 clubs and having a fully developed 5 club routine. It’s time to step it up a notch and put in some skills that could even impress other jugglers.
  3. Production Value: A $500 show should have music, should have smooth logical transitions, should have staging of some sort, and in general look like a team of producers spent years crafting a solid piece of entertainment.
  4. Shtick: My current show has some funny stuff in it. But it usually comes out off the top of my head. Although a $500 show would have plenty of breathing room for ad lib, it should also have a solid script that would be proven to reach all audiences.
  5. Financial Investment: It takes money to makes money! What is a logical investment to produce a show that would be worth $500 a shot?

I know no one likes to talk about what they make, or what they charge for their juggling shows, but I appreciate you letting me open up like this. I’m excited about this challenge and welcome your input about what you think makes a show worth $500.

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  1. $500! That’s a 150% increase, so you should be juggling 12.5 clubs now. Naw, Juggling should be free like the internet and refills at Chic-fil-a. But seriously, watch out for that half-club it’ a doozy.

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