Results In, Nick Pike Out, On America’s Got Talent

Despite a fiery performance, Nick Pike couldn’t overcome the judges’ negativity and win the vote on America’s Got Talent.

Our hat’s off to Nick for getting as far as he did in the competition and showing great class by apologizing for some angry behavior exhibited the night before.

Nick has a lot of skill and a lot of passion that comes out every time he performs. We appreciate him representing jugglers this year on AGT!

Click here to watch the results show.

4 Replies to “Results In, Nick Pike Out, On America’s Got Talent”

  1. Hi guys, thanks for the support I know the show is not a big fan of the juggler so I tried to fool them by performing all the danger stunts… I guess they finally realized I was a juggler when I was live in hollywood hence the bashing from the judges lol!!
    Happy to of made it so far and I tried to represent the juggling world as best I could. (hope you liked the 5 clubs clip in the pre show lead in)
    The danger committee was a class act and really deserved a spot in the top 48! I wish them and all past and future jugglers auditioning for the show the best of luck.

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