The Hoff vs. Jugglers

Apparently The Hoff has issues with jugglers as well. Watch as things get heated when Ivan Pecel performed on America’s Got Talent.

There were a couple of jugglers on the last episode of Last Comic Standing who also quickly got booted out the door. The entertainment world just doesn’t know what to do with jugglers. We either need to adapt and do something different or find the few places where we really belong and stick to them.

4 Replies to “The Hoff vs. Jugglers”

  1. Not enough love for jugglers anymore on America’s Got Talent. I’m tired of all the singers and impersonators. Someone’s got to step it up on the juggling side.

  2. I totally agree. It seems like juggling as a talent is rather misunderstood. We’ve got to get someone on that show who can represent juggling well but still give the judges/people something they like and can understand. I know some jugglers who could represent and still be entertaining enough but they’re probably too scared to try given the history of jugglers on shows like this. Who’s up to the challenge?!

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